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What are the new Section 301 tariffs and what do they change?
  If you're wondering why all of our prices have risen lately, it's due to the new tariff on imported goods from China. As of July 6th, 2018 almost all of the products we sell have had an additional 25% added to their cost as a form of import tax. We understand that higher prices are not what our customers want, but there's not much we can do as a small, family-owned business aside from passing the increased costs to the end consumer. We still do our best to have the best price, and always will. It's our goal to be fully transparent with our pricing which is why we have decided to breakout the tariff from our prices so that you can see exactly what you're paying.
What is a tariff?
  • A tariff is a tax on goods that come into a country.
  • Tariffs are used to increase the price of foreign goods to make U.S. made options more attractive.
What does this mean for businesses?
  • Not only do these tariffs apply to finished items (such as what we sell), but they also apply to intermediary goods (parts) that many U.S. manufacturers use in their finished products.
  • These overall increased costs force companies to increase prices and/or cut costs in areas such as their workforce.
What does this mean for end consumers?
  • Businesses with already low-margins (like us) are forced to pass the increased costs to the consumer.
  • With higher prices, consumer spending will decline and ultimately contribute to an rise in inflation.
What can we do about this?
  • Contact your representatives and let them know the affect these tariffs are having on the average American.
    Click here to find your representative
  • Spread the word about the tariffs. The more people are aware, the better chance we have of reducing or making them go away!

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